Oh no, Can’t forget the kids!

"dot" for Ryan

I have been busy making and selling conditions thanks to From Scratch and WTC. Well in all of that I feel I must give back in some way and since this all started as a family project anyway I decided to finally make puppets for the kids I know and love. If you are a kid I know and you haven’t gotten yours yet…it’s coming. D and Taylor 🙂

Here are a few that have already been made.

"Ugly Tina" for Chienne
"sweater snake" for RJ


Remember those lovable sock creatures with all kinds of physical conditions? Well earlier this year an awesome group of my colleagues decided to embark upon a business venture that included a graphic design firm served up with a side of fine art. Long story short I displayed some art there and left a couple of puppets behind and well they got sold. I’ve sold some before at The Lenny and Me Home Store (even had a theft) but I get the feeling the owners of these new conditions are in love 😉

Traveling Puppets

These puppets have been around almost a year now. My daughter and I first started making them in November of last year after my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer. We took old socks and tights of my daughters that she couldn’t ware any more and stuffed them with fake snow. Buttons and such were used for the eyes. Every time someone came over I would have the help with a puppet and when we were done we ended up with about 20 of them. Some of them even went away to live with new owners who loved them so much;) The others stayed around to make an appearance at the variety show, Mabel’s Way Back Machine in August of the year. Some of them are now at Lenny and Me Home store on Milwaukee, adding a touch of whimsy to the MONSTERS CHASING CHILDREN exhibit. Who knows what else is in store for these puppets. They may travel the world! lol Well at least across Chicago.