I am inspired by many known artist and often times I can’t tell you who my favorite is right off the bat. I adore paintings from  different genres of art , from Kandinsky to Hollis Sigler. They all painted with a passion and skill that is priceless.  I can only hope to have such success with my art.  But soaking up inspiration from the great works of the past can get a little overwhelming. When that happens, pull out the crayons with the little people.  Sometimes the littlest people in your life tend to be the biggest inspiration for you.  I think that my daughter inspires me the most of all. I guess you can say she’s like most children, filled with crazy ideas supported only her own 8 year old logic.  I love that about kids. If they have an idea they just go with it. It doesn’t have to be a great idea but kids simply don’t spend as much time as adults do wondering what everybody else thinks. My daughter has created some of the best projects when I was yelling for her to clean up the new mess she made that didn’t make since to me.  Then when she’s done I can’t do anything but smile.  Usually after that I create a painted mess of my own from the inspiration she’s left me with.

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